Thursday, 22 February 2018

Super Dancer 2 Winner, See Who Lifted Trophy in Chapter 2

Sony TV's Super Dancer Chapter 2 reality Show Top 5 Finalists Dancers all set to battle out in Grand Finale. Even all of them are unique and marvelous hard hitting dancers, one has to win based on Public Voting Results. Meet the Super Dancer 2 Winner and Runners Up Contestants Kids who won the Heart of Television Viewers and Inspired millions Childs and Young Age People through their Dance Passion.


Bishal Sharma, Ritik Diwaker, Shagun Singh, Akash Thapa, Vaishnavi Prajapati are the Finalists set to Battle out in Grand Finale Episode. One will be the Winner based on the Public Voting Results. See the Winner and Runners Up of the Super Dancer Chapter 2 on Sony TV.

In the Earlier Season of Super Dancer, we have seen Ditya Bhande Lifted the Winning Trophy and Now There have been Several Speculations on Super Dancer 2 Winner.

Super Dancer Season 1 Winner - Ditya Bhande

Super Dancer Chapter 1 Winner - Ditya Bhande
Super Dancer 2 Winner - To Be Announced Soon.
Super Dancer 2 Runners Up - To Be Announced Soon
Super Dancer Chapter 2 Winner, Runners Up Prizes - To Be Announced Soon

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Super Dancer 2 Winner Revealed Here...

Super Dancer 2 Winner and 1st, 2nd Runners Up Names will be revealed based on Public Voting Results in Grand finale of Chapter 2 on Sony TV, who wins super dancer 2018 on sony tv, who is the winner of super dancer 2

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